Meyba, anyway, anyhow, anywhere.

We design sneakers for people of style, who are both demanding and original and dare to combine upbeat elegance with originality, quality and wit.

Ever since our adventure took off in the 40s, Meyba has found a way to keep its soul and hold true to its values of energetic elegance and freedom. We aspire to spread the Meyba spirit across oceans from Barcelona to Rio, Melbourne to Tokyo and New York to Hong Kong.


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Meyba is Mestre y Ballbé.

Meyba’s roots lie in Barcelona and was founded by two dudes in the 1940’s. When José Mestre and Joaquín Ballbé (or ‘Me-y-Ba’) teamed up they had a dream of creating classic swim– and sportswear, and Meyba was born. They became a popular brand, bringing the people on the sunny beaches of Barceloneta stylish shorts, T-shirts and shoes, but it wasn’t until 1981 that Meyba became an international celebrity.

They signed a deal with Fútbol Club Barcelona and became their royal supplier. During the ten years that FC Barcelona was dressed in Meyba gear they won just about any prize and honour you can think of. With star players like Laudrup, Koeman, Bakero and the young Pep Guardiola, the team went down in the history books as the ‘Dream team V1’.


Jogger | suede – mesh | blanco

Warm Up | suede | niebla

Jogger | suede – textile | mint green

Jogger | suede – textile | negro

Jogger | suede – textile | carbon coral

Jogger | suede – mesh | cobalto

Warm Up | suede | marino

Jogger | suede – textile | marino

Jogger | suede – textile | blanco

club meyba

In our line of work we’re lucky enough to meet a lot of interesting and like-minded people.
Let’s introduce you to some of our friends, collaborators and customers, who truly believe in Meyba.



Classics are things, objects, and characters, that transcend through time, that have passed the test generation after generation, that have a certain continuity and have managed to adapt to different times.

We live in a society and in a time where everything goes fast. We aren’t able to take our time or get things done perfectly. We manage to do things well, but we could do them better.


Hi my name is María Fernanda Navas, alias Mafer, I am 33 years old and I’m a stylist in advertising and fashion design.

My work is my passion, but I also have a responsibility as a mother. I am both a working woman and a business mother. My kids and my work are what get me out of bed. I also love being a mother and I always say that I’m a part-time stylist, part-time mother.

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Mafer is wearing Jogger Gris Roca.